Microsoft sent countless companies into a frenzy when they announced their intention to end support for the Windows® 7 operating system. People scrambled to source, schedule and execute expensive migrations with the January 14, 2020 deadline1 looming and the reliability of their processing operations hanging in the balance.

In a recent twist, Microsoft will now give businesses a reprieve with their Extended Security Update (ESU) program that provides Windows® 7 patch support for up to three more years2 — at a price that increases per device over time. While Microsoft is throwing a lifeline to those yet to update, it will only get more costly not to.

Whether you have suffered through painful processing solution upgrades at the mercy of Microsoft compliance, or are biding your time until the eleventh hour, know there is a better way.

Mavro customers aren’t faced with this issue as our software upgrades are free. They are performed remotely and take hours — not weeks.

This is thanks to the modern design of our MavBridge™ application. Built on Microsoft .NET standards with no custom coding, MavBridge™ can easily accommodate both older Microsoft operating systems like Windows® 7, those with an upgraded OS and even mixed environments.

This unique Mavro feature empowers your operations resources with the tools for efficient configuration and scalability testing as processing requirements evolve. Your IT team saves significant time in administering upgrades that are simply scheduled through our Support Services team. The Mavro approach is extremely concise requiring no on-site resource time, travel expenses or third-party software costs.

Secure Segmentation

Additionally, for those with Windows® 10 non-compliant scanners, the MavBridge™ Gateway allows for the secure segmentation of older, non-compliant devices from a compliant network. Solving this issue is especially critical for users with scanning equipment that is not upgradeable to Windows® 10, a few examples include:

  • Opex 150IEM, AS180, AS36X0
  • Kodak i1840
  • Fujitsu Fi-5950
  • Canon DR9050

And, it’s certainly a welcome option for Operations Managers unable to secure resources to complete an upgrade project before January 2020.

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1 https://support.microsoft.com “Windows 7 support will end on January 14, 2020” Last Updated October 17, 2019

2 https://support.microsoft.com “Lifecycle FAQ-Extended Security Updates” Last Updated September 26, 2019

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