Release Scripts

MavBridge™ Release Scripts are focused on the output of images and metadata in a defined format for the purpose of feeding downstream solutions as efficiently as possible. Mavro systems include several standard release scripts that support industry standard formats, as well as custom-designed scripts developed for specific applications. Release Scripts for optimal connection to downstream systems including simple file handoff, ODBC or direct database access, and web services.

The flexibility of the MavBridge™ Release Script functionality allows for essentially unlimited options for extracting and outputting data, whether that be payment data, non-payment data, or a mixture of both. Release Scripts can be easily configured to include captured/keyed non-financial transactions in a separate extract file or in an extract file that also contains financial transactions.

All outputs – one or multiple – can be completely configured without a single line of custom code. Our system supports TIF (single page or multi-page), JPG, and PDF image file outputs. Data file configuration is especially flexible and includes XML, as well as many other formats.

With MavBridge™ Release scripts, you have the ultimate tool to ensure that data extracted by the Mavro system is transferred to your organization’s other systems exactly when and where you need it.

  • Flexible release script functionality supports output to virtually any downstream system in virtually any format.
  • Multiple simultaneous outputs – data only, image only, or data and image – are fully supported.
  • Data can be output either at specific intermediate times during the workflow, at the completion of a batch, or during a group release process performed at the end of the day.
  • Business rules can be configured to include or exclude particular transactions as desired.


  • Release Scripts give a Mavro system unparalleled ability to export data to legacy systems, avoiding the need for legacy system replacement.
  • Data can be exported to multiple downstream systems at intermediate times during processing, avoiding the need to wait until the end of the day to begin downstream processing and increasing overall processing speed.