ACS is a $6 billion Fortune 500 company and global leader in business process and information technology services. NJ FamilyCare, a program administered by ACS, provides healthcare for children living in New Jersey. The program requires the scanning and processing of applications and various other documents. The original process was labor-intensive, requiring 31 FTEs and a number of controls to ensure high level of quality.

After close consultation with the ACS management team, Mavro integrated an OPEX scanner and several modules from its MavBridge™ Solution Suite. The Mavro system’s “One-Touch” processing ability eliminated transaction-type sorting, document preparation, date stamping, page counting, and target sheet printing. MavBridge™ was configured to automatically import incoming faxes and to deliver the documents and essential metadata to ACS’s FileNet system. To ensure system-wide quality and to monitor throughput, Mavro’s Dashboard was configured to provide real-time status and statistics reporting.

The improvement in productivity was remarkable. FTE count dropped by more than 65%, from 31 FTEs to 10 FTEs, resulting in savings of over $40,000 per month or $480,000 per year. Document images and data became available much earlier in the processing day, in fact, four hours earlier.

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What ACS/Xerox is Saying

“The MavBridge™ solution has been a delight to manage and has performed above expectations right from the start.”