Advanced Recognition

The advanced recognition capabilities provided by MavBridge™ Software will help you process your documents exactly the way you want. The advanced recognition capabilities available with a Mavro solution include:

Barcode Reader – Find and read 1D or 2D bar codes from any or all locations on your documents.

Basic OCR Reader – Extract printed data using single or multi-font OCR engines.

Interactive OCR Reader – Allows operators to use “point-and-click” or “rope-and-zone” to easily extract data from document images.

Mark Sense – Use mark sensing to read check boxes or to look for writing such as address changes from multiple areas on a document.

CAR/LAR – Read check amounts with high accuracy.

ICR Reader – Extract written data from structured forms.

Auto Classification – Automatically identify documents using an intelligent combination of OCR, barcode, mark sense, and dimensional data.

Document Indexing – Read index information using the OCR, barcode, and mark sense capabilities. Automatically adjust for skew and shift. Validate the data using built-in validation functions.

This advanced set of recognition capabilities means that a Mavro system can extract precisely the information you want and process it exactly as you need.

  • When the ability to automatically extract an array of data from each transaction is coupled with the customizable business logic provided by MavBridge™ software, it means that Mavro can craft the optimum solution to meet your needs.
  • Automatic recognition increases system efficiency by greatly reducing the amount of manual keying required by operators.
  • With MavBridge™ Image Studio software, setup of the system’s recognition capabilities can be done quickly should a document change or a new document type be added.
  • Interactive OCR makes it much easier for an operator to process “check and list” transactions or transactions with a data field that randomly changes position from transaction to transaction.
  • Typical job, workflow, document, and index field setup requires no special programming. You get custom logic without the need for custom software.
  • Selects any combination of data fields, including dates, batch, or sequence numbers, as indexes in your system.