Virtual Batching

Payment or document processing centers typically process many different types of transactions. Often, these different types of transactions are received intermixed, and elaborate, time consuming hand opening and sorting procedures have been required to separate the transactions into like types before scanning.

Mavro systems support a true unstructured mode of scanning. MavBridge Virtual Batching™ technology can electronically split mixed-transaction batches into “pure” structured virtual batches by type (singles, multiples, check-only, coupon only, and correspondence) for optimal remittance processing. This eliminates any presorting or outsorting and maintains the best possible transaction integrity.

All transaction types can be scanned into the system inter-mixed, including, but not limited to, singles, multiples, check-only, cash, credit card, or correspondence only. By combining automated document classification and transaction validation, MavBridge Virtual Batching™ can separate the mixed transactions into “virtual batches” of like type. The Virtual Batching and validation processes result in perfected transactions being delivered to optimized image-based workflows.

Clean transactions can be accelerated, while exceptions are routed for additional processing – either before or after funds are deposited. This is all accomplished in one seamless application, wholly developed by Mavro.

  • With Virtual Batching in place, elaborate hand opening and pre-sorting procedures are eliminated. All transactions are simply extracted and scanned intermixed.
  • Your system becomes much more efficient, saving time and money and making it easier to meet your processing deadlines.
  • Virtual Batching lets you create flexible queues based on transaction types, set processing tasks based on operator experience, and set the system to process high priority items first.


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